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Louis L Kaufman


The Severna Park community wishes Rachel a speedy recovery.

Rachel is responding very well to her treatment while keeping 100% of her infectious attitude and wonderful smile.

For those of you who know Rachel, it is easy to understand exactly what Natalee means when someone asks Natalee - ‘How is Rachel?‘ and Natalee replies, ‘Rachel is Rachel’.

Nothing has broken Rachel’s absolutely wonderful charm, infectious attitude, and charismatic smile.  Rachel is charming the scrubs off of all her doctors, nurses, and the visiting clowns!   

Christine and Scott are doing well.  They have quickly focused in on the plan for Rachel’s recovery and their family’s immediate needs.  They are a close and private family.  They are truly appreciative of all the prayers, support, and care sent their way.

At this time, their focus is on their family and maintaining their work and household.  Unfortunately, this allows them very little time for responding to all the wonderful support. You can see regular updates on Rachel at her Caring Bridge web-site.  There is a link below.

We have started TEAM RACHEL as an avenue to support the family and  Rachel, as well as to bring awareness to Childhood Leukemia. 

Below are some links that allow you to offer support as well as send thoughts to the family.

Bring a Meal to the Reynolds Family

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Just Beat It!
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